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    "Validation System detected Your Screenshot was already Uploaded" !!!!!!!!!!!

    I uploaded my 1st screenshot of 15 battles and it got rejected because, according to Misty, "The validation system detected that it has been already uploaded by someone else" !!! I am clueless and have no idea what to do. I registered, played the game for 30 mins, took a screenshot of my nickname and 15 battles completed (from My documents/My games/Crossout/Screenshots), uploaded it, and boom got rejected for the WEIRDEST reason ever. I have no idea what to do! This is so frustrating and tells me how bad the coding is of gamehag "validation system". Very stupid AI.

    12 october 2018 16:58 2176

    I conquer you should as for support

    12 october 2018 19:33 2176

    what i quoted in my post is the response of support after contacting them. i already contacted support.

    12 october 2018 19:54 2176

    discord support is never on or all they do is copy-paste the same BS

    13 october 2018 02:30 2176

    i dont know what to do now. Shall i uninstall the game and forget about it? or create another account and try again and submit another screenshot and hope the validation system does not mess up again?

    13 october 2018 13:32 2176

    I've had the same problem. Not solved yet.
    I do like the game though. :P

    14 october 2018 19:37 2176

    How did you solved it?

    14 october 2018 20:23 2176

    I've gotten this several times. It's obnoxious. I submitted the picture several times and opened the ticket each time for the first task and they finally accepted it. I'm doing something different for the second task; I'll let you know if it works!

    14 october 2018 20:46 2176

    I tried emphasizing the username, required task, etc, by circling them in my screenshot, but that did nothing to help me, either. :/

    17 october 2018 05:03 2176

    Just do a ticket and it should work

    18 october 2018 13:28 2176

    i really dont understand . mine said upload your own screen shot LOL :D

    18 october 2018 13:40 2176

    bot is bugged, if it dont work on the secondtime and you know you done everything right "Fullscreen+Visible task of completion+ Visibl

    19 november 2018 22:22 2176

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