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    Where Did the Gamehag Tasks Go?

    I installed this game to complete the tasks, and now they're all gone? It's looking like I won't be able to get any Soul Gems at all from this game. What happened?

    5 october 2018 10:05 89

    Alright, thanks!

    5 october 2018 15:53 89

    don't really know, you should ask misty btw

    1 november 2018 16:39 89

    I did, she said I should just wait for them to come back.

    2 november 2018 05:52 89

    Havent played it but its deffeantly a good game cuz i play war thunder and evryone says that WO-T is pretty much the same sooooo i thinck that this is pretty much the same :3

    14 november 2019 16:40 89

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