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    Jailbreak finally not at the top of popular games

    Jailbreak is a game that many people likes a lot except me it's like u have to buy EVERYTHING to have FUN in there u just escape and rob banks and stuff but what to do with that money? simple u only buy skin for vehicles these days the cops camp at the power box or the door and the community of Jailbreak was the worst and luckily it is not at the top now

    1 october 2018 18:30 2173

    Thanks again and

    1 october 2018 19:31 2173

    buy a private (vip) server and play AND get some money

    2 october 2018 20:36 2173

    but what's the point of even playing without people

    2 october 2018 20:47 2173


    3 october 2018 05:19 2173

    i agree with that y'know

    13 october 2018 16:24 2173

    ikr, it shoukdne be at the top

    13 october 2018 16:33 2173

    It totally doesn't deserve the top spot

    13 october 2018 16:33 2173

    I love it very much

    19 october 2018 22:32 2173

    well its a good game but it doesnt nedd to be on top

    29 november 2018 18:49 2173

    Jailbreak doesn't deserve the fame it has, it's basically prison life which was soooo 2014-2015. People only play it because
    1. They're new to roblox
    2. They feel obligated to not play it because they racked up lots of cash
    3. You actually have friends and wanna play something together (playing alone is just plain and unfun, with a friend you can help each other without getting captured by camping cops)
    Basically Jaiblreak is the game that will be a good time killer at first, but then you'll get bored of it but feel bad to quit cuz u got tons of stuff.

    30 november 2018 12:22 2173

    Well Jailbreak have added a batmobile into the game so... is it really that bad?

    1 january 2019 10:53 2173

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