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    League of Angels III

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    Can't reach level 40

    It tells me to reach level 40 for the second task but it won't let me. When I try continue the main quest, it won't let me. When I try to do the side quest it tells me I need to complete something I can't complete until I reach level 40. How do I reach level 40?

    29 september 2018 20:19 3088

    yes league of angel is good and easy to play and lvl up also

    2 october 2018 18:57 3088

    lol...this game stinks can't believe people spend money on this game.

    11 november 2018 08:07 3088

    cnat get level 40... whats 50gb ? is there something im missing... i have to do the "deep exploration" main quest but i cant find where that is even after googling.

    11 november 2018 21:06 3088

    u have to do side quests for level 40. just grind a little bit more of the dungeons

    16 november 2018 14:43 3088

    I managed to reach level 40 by redoing the dungeons again, but in elite mode. It's manageable. Did you make it yet?

    23 november 2018 16:57 3088

    i got all the tasks less than 1 hour ez

    26 november 2018 20:24 3088

    autoplay send you to 40+ level

    15 december 2018 22:58 3088

    How easy is it to get to level 40? I don't feel like spending a good amount of time playing the game for under 1000 credits.

    18 december 2018 04:48 3088

    Bro, getting level 40 is insanely easy. Once you reach level 22, put your battle on automatic mode along with x2 speed so you'll not have to do anything. Also, don't forget to put the quests on auto to avoid clicking (good for lazy people like me!) On level 39, you will not able to do the main quest until you reach level 40, which is the task on gamehag, so just do the side quests that reward xp + dungeons. Going from level 1 to level 40 should not take more than an hour. Good luck friends *3*

    21 december 2018 05:44 3088

    i agree easy to reach lvl 40 and get some SJ

    19 january 2019 00:53 3088

    it's easy . there is a little bit delay between lvl 39 and lvl 40 but it works

    22 january 2019 11:49 3088

    use light up stars and challlenges in the temple or arena or on map

    22 january 2019 11:51 3088

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