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    Shakes and Fidget

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    How can I play this game for free?

    I watched a lot of youtubers play this game and I want to play it too, but I really don't want to play for it.

    29 september 2018 09:26 18

    you can just go to https://www.sfgame.us/ and then press the start adventure button after that you will be in your character creation screen. Have fun 😀. ps: if you want to play it on mobile you can get it on google play store and on the app store for freee.

    2 october 2018 20:10 18

    Gane is FTP, but if you to be 1.st you must pay

    9 november 2018 17:39 18

    its is literally f2p so i dont know what your issue is :D

    13 january 2019 04:29 18

    It is f2p but you will never be the top player without paying.

    21 february 2019 21:03 18

    Very good game

    19 march 2019 23:30 18

    this game is for browser but you can pllay it with steam too

    9 june 2019 15:01 18

    Alam mo kung Bakit? Pwet mo may raket!

    21 june 2019 04:56 18

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