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    Anyone have any experience with the Crypto Vouchers offered by Gamehag?

    Since the prepaid Visa and Mastercards have been out of stock for a while, I was looking at what other rewards are available and I saw they they offer BTC Crypto Vouchers like this one.
    I was wondering if anyone has some experience ordering these? If so can you share how they work, what you needed to do to redeem them, etc? Thanks!

    7 april 2021 14:45 1628

    You'll need a software/hardware wallet to store you're crypto on. The website for the vendor is https://cryptovoucher.io/
    You can claim Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash.
    You provide your crypto address and they send the crypto to you. Transaction time depends on the type of crypto you chose.

    20 april 2021 10:37 1628

    @qldps thanks a lot for your response. I was wondering one more thing, it isn't clear whether you actually need to create an account on there to redeem vouchers? It would be awesome if all that's needed if the wallet address to redeem.

    21 april 2021 01:03 1628

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