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    Hello there! I have an open letter for the Gamehag.com team (assuming they are even reading this :p), we all know the CtrlC+CtrlV / Spam articles issue.
    Personally i enjoy giving quality feedback and not just spamming random comments, 5 stars rates etc... to gain fast money.
    I enjoy even more "debunking" the copy paste articles, linking every time in the comments the sites from which they are "inspired". But i noticed that by doing this the soul gem income is really poor, because clicking the YES button in "Is the article plagiarism/spam?" the Rated Articles score does not increase, and as on like 40 articles only 10 are original content (at least in my case maybe i'm just unlucky idk) for me it's really hard to gain soul gems in that way.
    Said this, is it possible to reward other users that like me genuinely enjoy to grant to the platform good quality articles? Of course i'm not talking of some kind of special treatment, just something like 1 "Rated Articles" score every 2 copy paste articles.
    Sorry in advance for any grammatical error, english isn't my main language.

    28 february 2021 20:44 8369

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