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    Noob needs help

    Please be nice lol

    11 september 2018 14:15 1627

    If u want to get a start and have a stable soul gem income
    Install the gamehag app on your phone go to the appzone and watch ads (100/day) 1ad=1gem
    Rate articles daily for 50gems that are sent after the articles are published so might take a while
    And this is a first solid step

    13 september 2018 23:39 1627

    the golden bats are even better, when click on them you get 5 gem and they appear every 12-15 min

    17 september 2018 08:04 1627

    Why dont i see that in my app

    17 september 2018 11:59 1627

    Lol i don't need any ur help. All i have to do is throw my coin in the wishing well and then i just have to Aim anywhere then shoot. Bam 8 headshot!!!!!

    17 september 2018 16:04 1627

    I am a major noob. I can't even figure out what the second and third tasks are for pokemon mega. Where are the tasks written for each game? i found and finished the first task...thanks...

    18 february 2019 04:09 1627

    i earn sg'susing the app only.......i watch upto 100 ads daily which gives me a decant amount of gems ...i bought csgo with it ...but after a week buying it csgo madeit free😫 so all my sg's were wasted and i was left surprised

    18 february 2019 09:18 1627

    wow thank you ı learn golden bats

    19 february 2019 11:17 1627

    I am a noob as well

    20 february 2019 00:10 1627

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