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    How it works

    A way for users to make SG by supplying keys

    Some users may receive duplicate keys, or have keys from other sources which they might not want. It would be great to be able to trade in valid keys in exchange for SG. For the sake of not scamming anyone, provided keys will be sold to users for SG, or included in giveaways; the buyer/winner will then provide a positive or negative feedback depending on whether the key worked or not. If such key works, then the user who submitted it gets rewarded Soul Gems based on the product's lowest market price (such as Kinguin or G2A). There is a similar system on Indiegala.com where users can create giveaways, trades and auctions of their Steam keys and can get rewarded when they get positive feedback.

    26 february 2021 13:38 8369

    Good point, I think I could add on- Maybe you can sell the ones you don't want?

    10 march 2021 02:05 8369

    Yes, or perhaps a "Trading station" where users can exchange keys, or even trade for SG (with a small % trade fee, so Gamehag get smth too).

    16 march 2021 12:03 8369

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