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    Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

    (4.27/5) 1468 rates

    Play and get

    Soul Gems

    For 1 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach level 17 of your account


    has anyone been verified by gamehag on completing the task? I always get hit with the "you didn't create a new account" after sending in the screenshot even though I used the link provided by gamehag.

    17 february 2021 14:01 8370

    Well, I didn't get verified in completing any task, but I tried and had that issue two times, when I asked support I got this response: unfortunately, our information shows that the registration in the game was not successful. The only solution is to do it again. Here are some tips that deal with completing tasks: disable AdBlock completely or another ad blocking program, each task requires a NEW account, even if the games are on the same platform (e.g. you can't use an account from the War Thunder task to complete the next task in Crossout). Correct registration is accompanied by a notification on Gamehag with example content: "You have started a task in World of Warships, send a screen and receive SG for it".

    Hope it helps you.

    17 february 2021 19:56 8370

    hmmm. the verification thing seems like it'd be very helpful. I've never actually gotten verification from making new accounts for any of the games I have completed for gh.

    18 february 2021 12:34 8370


    18 february 2021 14:46 8370

    muffins on muffins

    30 april 2021 21:25 8370

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