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    Which Screenshot for Task 3

    Question: What for a Screenshot Must I Upload for Task 3? In-Game Screenshot or Screenshot from Buying Eagles for WarThunder?? Or All In One Shot? How Must It Look? Please Can Anybody Tell Me that? (U Can All Add Me as Friend here If U Want. For Playing Games, Tips or other Things to Share.)

    23 january 2021 01:15 1628

    the task i assume you're questioning about is warthunder task 3. its just win 20 battles.. contact the support though misty.

    23 january 2021 01:30 1628

    I Know. My Task Says Just that Too, Win 20 Battles. Nothing to see what to Buy Anything. But My Task was Rejected for 3rd Time. I Heared from many People, that Task Needs to Buy Eagles. I Have Contacted The Support. Im VIP User, with the Option/Rune for Quicker Support. But I Still Wait for Reactions. Here & on Discord!

    23 january 2021 01:40 1628

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