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    Ask a moderator your questions v3.

    I think its about time i make one of those threads agian.

    Do you walk around and got questions about some things on gamehag?
    Is it because you're wondering what a Moderators function is here or on the gamehag discord?

    Or maybe you just got other questions?..

    I'm here to try answer you'r questions, and try to reduce some of the many many spam threads lately.

    Please note: spamming this thread or any other, can result in lost xp and forum ban.. so please dont.

    Let the Questions begin.

    21 january 2021 10:21 1628

    @OrphanStabber - they get checked as fast they can, sometimes theres many submitting pictures and then things begin to take time, but from 15mins to 48hrs. is quiet normal.

    @cheemz - I've just made a post about the same to my fellow mods, as even my message was removed, and as theres its all manually to remove spam, it must be one which dont pay attention to their work.

    21 january 2021 20:01 1628

    Hello my friend, you said that you will remove spam comments and you did a great work and this thread is finally free. I like to ask one question about getting a moderator on this site :D, or maybe a helper to remove spam comments, what are the requirements?? Have a nice day

    21 january 2021 23:35 1628

    @NikolaJanev - sadly i havent removed any spam on this thread, some other did, along with some posts which wasnt spam.

    As i recall, it requires to be level 6 on the site, to be honest i dont know much about whats required to be picked as moderator on this site, nor if we need more currently.

    i was infact handpicked 10months before i did step in as a moderator, but was first "set in" when i had the time to do it. i've always tried to help others both on forums and discord, aswell, i got experience from been moderator on a few other forums, discord channels and twitch channels.

    21 january 2021 23:42 1628

    I recently wrote an article to post here and it was rejected for being "written in the wrong language" though I wrote it in English and it had no vulgar wording. So I'm confused as to why it was rejected. Is it possible to resubmit it for a second verification? I'm new to this so I'd appreciate some guidance on what to do next. Thanks!

    22 january 2021 01:05 1628

    @melzinhaauwu - i did mention ealier in this post, but it was deleted, that the devs currently are looking into an error, which makes most articles get rejected with its written in the wrong language, so just stay tuned, and wait :) they'll hopefully fix it soon

    22 january 2021 01:12 1628

    How am I supposed to gain SG when the website does not detect my progress?
    I have done everything within the guidelines but it does not work.
    I have made many tickets proving that your system does not work as intended, but there is never help.
    I wasted 1 and a half weeks playing the game Rise of Kingdoms just to get it rejected because the site did not track that I registered through it.
    There was nothing to be done after I tried for so long so I just gave up.
    Imagine, around 15,000 Soul Gems wasted, and around 2 weeks of my time...

    22 january 2021 06:51 1628

    @Beniuxas96 I guess you didn't even bother to read why you lose XP huh? Expect to lose even more XP and maybe get banned from posting for a couple of days, considering your forum activity...

    22 january 2021 11:58 1628

    @Beniuxas96 - i belive you're the reason why you can level up, looking at what you write etc, i can see the reason is spam, before you say i dont spam, or never done it, heres a few exsamples.

    22 JANUARY 2021 07:46 - User Beniuxas96 - Thread made: I GOT 25 ROBUX FOR FREE HOW COULD I GET MORE ROBUX?
    22 JANUARY 2021 07:46 - User Beniuxas96 - Thread made: I GOT 25 ROBUX FOR FREE HOW COULD I GET MORE ROBUX?
    22 JANUARY 2021 07:46 - User Beniuxas96 - Thread made: I GOT 25 ROBUX FOR FREE HOW COULD I GET MORE ROBUX?

    Whats the reason to make multiply threds about the same? also replying to a spam thread, spamming in genneral, or even multi posting can be concidered spam.. like you do in this thread

    22 JANUARY 2021 08:08 - User Beniuxas96 - FINEE
    22 JANUARY 2021 08:08 - User Beniuxas96 - OFC OKeyyytyttm
    22 JANUARY 2021 08:10 - User Beniuxas96 - @RARE AMAZING

    Wahts the reason that you couldnt write it in one message, also its a very obivious spam thread so it will be wiped. also written in CAPS.

    22 january 2021 12:14 1628

    @Sumit9500 - the keys do work, if its region locked, then its means its locked to that contry, so being in india, i'd belive you wont be able to activate it if its locked to UK.

    @SwinIsTaken - There can be quiet a few reasons, many times its caused by a Adblocker, but it can also be caused by files in your temp cache, even cookies.

    a fix could be to clear cache, cookied, and check that you dont have a adblocker enabled.

    now i know the game you mention is on a other device, and the same can apply to it... also if you'¨ve done the offer for a other site/offerwall, it would be in the appstore/google play profile information, taht you've treied or clicked the game before.

    22 january 2021 12:19 1628

    Why does it take week+ to verfiy?
    I have a task that still hasnt been verfied

    22 january 2021 12:51 1628

    The customer support is atrocious. I had to wait nearly a week for a response after my task got rejected. Furthermore I was asked to get verification from Gaijin that I signed up using your link.

    22 january 2021 14:28 1628

    Two weeks waiting to get the first damned task accepted. I bet now, that you are purposely waiting to give me less sg when the event bonus ends. Face it users, Gamehag doesnt care about you.

    22 january 2021 14:30 1628

    yeah y do we need to be level3 to withdraw any item?

    22 january 2021 17:41 1628

    @Fluffyspacecloud - i cant tell, why its taking a week, all i know is the more task submitted the longer it can take, some days theres less tasks submitted and therefor shorter wait time.

    @bartix1233 - i belive that the support is doing what they can, they have to answer questions, vertify tasks etc, and things take the time it takes, since i'm not a suport member, i can't really tell hows it going behind the scenes, but 4 years of knowledge about the site, therefor i try as good as i can to answer you guys questions.

    But i know its not true that they purposely reject tasks, as if you just got a little bit of knowledge on how sites like this works, then it would be really bad.

    Special the gajin tasks have been a trouble maker.. but for each game it requires a new email/user. as its on the same platform.

    22 january 2021 17:43 1628

    @Chaman01 - most prizes is in stock, most times they got the little lightning in the bottom left cornor, its possible that some rewards can run out of stock, and still show on the page to a default prize, i dont know how often its updated. but its quiet easy to tell.

    you'll have to contact the support for the question about refund, as it would be their job to handle that, and i cant answer it.

    @mrhaha - a part of that is to prevent people doing a few things, its for one to prevent multi accounting, which is against the TOS and you'll get banned for it, its also to prevent bots, and to make sure its active users which can get the rewards, its pretty much the main reasons.

    22 january 2021 17:45 1628

    i finished a task but never got the reward . i did as required. was a new user and got to the level asked. does this happen often?

    22 january 2021 22:08 1628

    @Mortem_king - most times theres no problems, but you'll always hear those with the problems, if its a game offer from the gamehag page under "games" then its misty you'll need to contact which is the support.

    I have a problem with the platform > Technical Problem > Other and describe your issue there

    If the game is from a contract or Other tasks, its most likely from a offerwall, and you'll have to contact them.

    be sure that your adblock is not on, clear cache/cookies and that you make the account though the gamehag link, that fixes many of the cases.

    22 january 2021 22:16 1628

    How can you unlock other games you can play via gamehag to get soulgems as task reward? Or is it country specified, so for example for me I can play only 5 games to get SG for (WoW, herozero, Starconflict, Grepolis and Lineage). Im asking because after I have finished a task in world of warship, Grepolis became a game with SG reward. Thank you.

    23 january 2021 14:41 1628

    @MMichaelus - most games goes on rotation, so sometimes thers offers for diffrent games, but most times, you just got to wait till theres a new offer coming up.

    23 january 2021 17:26 1628

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