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    Hello I am newbie and i got new user contacts. I selected final fantasy. It said that if i reached 100k power i will get 7000 above gems so i clicked and started playing for few min. Again I returned back to page and same offer but 4000 gems. So i am in doubt should I continue or not. Whether they will say there was no offer like that? Inam in doubt. And also if i played and reached the goal will i be get gems automatically in my account or have to contact support then what kinds of proofs are necessary? Would someone please explain me. Thanks for your time

    31 august 2018 16:56 2208

    i think you have to do other tasks read what the task exactly what

    20 september 2018 11:19 2208

    Im at lvl 9 citidel witj 48.2k power. I was looking for that. So i got citiadale lvl 10 and 2.6k. Reward.

    22 september 2018 22:29 2208

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