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    Keep losing exp for no reason

    This is not the first time for me to lose exp. About 6 months ago I contacted support but was just told there's no error, there should be a reason my threads or comments were regarded to be spams. I almost stopped writing on the forum since then. But recently for a few days my exp is decreasing, from 15% to 9% now. I haven't made any unnecessary comments at all, I wrote like 2 or 3 since I saw the exp decreasing. I have no idea why this is happening. What's going on?

    2 january 2021 17:59 1628

    not spamming

    2 january 2021 19:35 1628

    You can lose XP for commenting on threads that have been removed cause of spam as well. Also... no matter how old the comment, it can still be removed for spam, it just won't happen at first.

    3 january 2021 05:51 1628

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