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    Fastest wsy to get soul gems?

    what’s the fastest way to get soul gens

    22 december 2020 05:53 1628

    why is the fastest way to get soul gems?

    22 december 2020 07:19 1628

    It depends. If one were to be successful with game tasks or did the most high earning tasks on offer walls, probably the ones involving mobile games, one would definitely get the most of soul gems.

    But even then, doing the tasks would require some time and work, not to mention the offer wall tasks might sometimes be a bit unreliable with their rewards. Also, I get the impression the mobile game tasks must be completed successfully within a certain number of days, usually a week or so. Failure to do so means you'll get nothing, so I advice thinking carefully and checking your schedule before trying any of those.

    22 december 2020 11:23 1628

    use site everyday and doing tasks

    22 december 2020 11:55 1628

    dakuwanga That is so nice from you but they are spamming for exp and they already know how to earn SG, its all here. Half of the forums are either this subject or how to get robux. Just report them and dont even reply.
    Shame on you john_cedridk and opisreal, someone will spend a hard time collecting something and achieve anything and you are spamming here for xp which you can get for being nice.

    22 december 2020 11:58 1628

    but most tasks should be done on andriod but i got only iphone

    22 december 2020 14:06 1628

    NikolaJanev has a point, gamehag has a tutorial of how to get SG, its pretty disrespectful to just spam the forums with questions that already have been answered, its like asking what is the homework when its right there on your desk, bad analogy but you get the point.

    17 january 2021 00:57 1628

    Use app zone or TV zone and do social media tasks invite friends write article complete the tutorial and fastest games they gives soul gems and some games gives experience

    5 april 2021 09:03 1628

    that's way too long

    6 april 2021 08:54 1628

    the fastest way imo is watching ads in the TV Zone and App Zone. If each ad is about a minute, then you can upto 300 (which is the daily limit) within 5 hours with minimal work.

    If you happen to have some free time, then doing tasks can help

    7 april 2021 04:30 1628

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