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    Picture from phone instead of pc screenshot

    Soo I have downloaded lightshot on my laptop and unfortunately I can't use it since WarThunder is in fullscreen. I wanted to ask if it's possible to take a picture of the screen(including the username and all) an then use it instead of a screenshot. Will it be accepted? Or do you have any other screenshot software that works?

    7 august 2018 02:17 11

    You can just press F12 while in-game, then to see the screenshots press Win+R, then write "AppData" in the run window. Then go to local > WarThunder > Screenshots.

    Hope this helped!

    7 august 2018 18:10 11

    Just put WarThunder in windowed mode. Worked for me. Also if you have Windows 10 press Win+G. You should be able to take a screenshot even when in fullscreen.

    10 august 2018 16:27 11

    How can you put on windowed mode? I tried to look for it but couldn't find it:/

    10 august 2018 16:35 11

    In settings in video category there is :l

    13 august 2018 17:25 11

    Oh okay, thank you all!

    17 august 2018 11:07 11

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