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    War Thunder

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    World of tank vs War thunder

    Which is the best tank game?

    16 october 2020 06:06 11

    It depends on your preferences annoyingly. If you're looking for a more realistic, combined arms experience War Thunder would be your go-to. However, if you want a more relaxed and arcade experience, I'd suggest going with World of Tanks.

    16 october 2020 11:42 11

    War thunder has a pretty bad thing where you need to go back to your station / launching pad to fix your jammed gun. It would be nice if they made it so there is a crew that fixes it in sort of a cooldown for shooting, so kinda not realistic. But based on many options for weapons and vehicles you should try out war thunder :D

    16 october 2020 19:04 11

    The problem your explaining is apart of Air Realistic Battles. It kind of is realistic as you wouldn't be able to unjam your plane's guns unless you got out of the canopy and left the cockpit. If you don't like the realism aspect in air battles, there's always an arcade mode. Infinite ammo, your empty or jammed guns will fix themselves within an amount of time.

    17 october 2020 03:53 11

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