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    Games without Tasks/Reward

    Anyone see any game on Gamehag that has no tasks/reward for playing them? I see quite a few.
    It seems like they discontinued partnership with those games. But my question is why didn't they completely remove the game from GH? Why only tasks/rewards?

    25 july 2018 15:20 1628

    I was wondering the same thing last week when I lost the opportunity to report the completion of my third task in "Vast Wars". I even wrote a thread about it.

    I asked "Misty" and her explanation was only that offers are constantly updated. So I assume that the tasks/rewards will return at some point in the future.

    25 july 2018 16:59 1628

    I have the same question, I wanted to do the Vast Wars task but suddenly it disappeared.

    27 july 2018 10:59 1628

    @Jack1_0 Have you completed (or at least met the requirements for) any of the tasks for "Vast Wars"? Or do you want to do the tasks?

    27 july 2018 11:02 1628

    I wanted to the task because the game seem fun, but I didn't play the game.

    27 july 2018 11:05 1628

    @Jack1_0 I see. I personally didn't enjoy the game. While it looked fun at first, it's not that good.

    And it takes lots of time to do the tasks. That's why I was very furious that gamehag removed all of the tasks before I could report my final one. I've sent "Misty" tickets about this. While I wasn't satisfied with her replies, I had to accept the situation.

    27 july 2018 11:43 1628

    I saw it happen with Oblivion, and what happened is that the 1st time the task was around it was in a beta server. The task got removed and when it came back it was on an actual server, +

    27 july 2018 14:57 1628

    + so the game was removed propably due to the “update” of the game (alas my previous progress was lost on the transition) Sorry for 2 comments, I’m using the mobile app and the word count is smaller

    27 july 2018 14:59 1628

    Also, the game name is Oblivia, it autocorrected to that

    27 july 2018 14:59 1628

    I wish Misty would announce in advance if a certain game's tasks are going to be removed.

    27 july 2018 16:07 1628

    They prob will

    28 july 2018 14:09 1628

    Hopefully. It's not cool when you sepnd so much time completing a task and then you cannot submit.

    29 july 2018 06:44 1628

    @SouLPrisoner Yep, I'm a living example of that. I'm still frustrated that I can't report my 3rd task of "Vast Wars". 😠

    But, c'est la vie!

    29 july 2018 11:25 1628

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