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    Islandoom Tasks advice and help

    The first one is an 'automatically verified' task and took around 12 hours to be verified. I have now come to Task 2 which is, 'Earn 125 points'. Earn these points where? because there are around 3 or 4 places that are point related, so which one is it?

    17 july 2018 19:01 2204

    Depends on your type of game but easy to complete the tasks

    18 july 2018 14:24 2204

    What quest did you do to get the first task complete?

    19 july 2018 22:51 2204

    Just finish the tutorial and about 12 hours later they will verify it automatically

    19 july 2018 22:54 2204

    How do you know when the tutorial is complete?

    19 july 2018 23:01 2204

    when the game stops telling you what to build and press. It should say tutorial complete but just play until it stops telling you what to do.

    19 july 2018 23:09 2204

    yes, go to command centre, there will be a points system in the middle, thats where you know

    14 august 2018 23:11 2204

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