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    I dont understand whats going on with gamehags

    I leveled up to level 3 i screenshotted and sent it that i completed it and the task got refused...

    17 july 2018 00:49 2240

    Sometimes happens, you are gonna have to play the waiting game a little bit. Ok, try sending a second better screenshot with ur username in the game and level being visible, if that gets rejected then write an appeal. You talk directly to Misty in your friend list. Go Yes > Tasks, wall of offers, minigames. > My task has not been accepted > etc... etc... It's important that you register to those games with gamehag's "Play for free" button and have only 1 gamehag account.

    17 july 2018 03:46 2240

    Yeah, you need to see the confirmation like this: "You have started the Task on Heavy Metal Machines, send a screenshot and get SG for it."

    17 july 2018 13:25 2240

    I have 2 accounts my brother started one but he stopped gamehag and how to delete accounts

    17 july 2018 13:39 2240

    Well, there are 2 accounts registered on your IP or your PC you can also explain that to misty with an appeal form. But just send a second screenshot with better quality if you can if the first one gets rejected and if the second gets rejected as well then explain why u think u have done the task correctly. They will most probably accept it after a well-written appeal (doesn't have to be too long).

    18 july 2018 03:25 2240

    I have problem with third quest, they say only for new players.... so strange, started this game through gamehag and now level 15 after long time and they say I am not a new player...

    19 september 2018 18:23 2240

    Just keep entering the task and fill in a ticket if you need to.

    21 september 2018 09:49 2240

    yeah you cant have 2 accounts my dude

    4 october 2018 01:27 2240

    Same thing for me, I wasted time getting to level 3, screenshotted and submitted the screenshot of my XP bar going to Level 3. And it clearly says Level 3. Why was it rejected ???

    6 october 2018 05:13 2240

    I want to start doing it,but i dont will i because i can go to 5 lvl and get nothing

    22 january 2019 13:48 2240

    Lvl 3? I thought it says lvl 5

    23 january 2019 15:51 2240


    24 january 2019 17:13 2240

    anyone managed to get their screenshot accepted?

    1 february 2019 15:58 2240

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