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    Looking of teammates in CSGO

    hello, I'm looking for csgo teammates and at the moment I'm silver 2. I live in belgium so do not expect super good english from me.
    Ps: I'm 15 years old for the curious guys


    13 july 2018 23:06 1627

    You can you please confirm receipt I get it done today to

    13 july 2018 23:39 1627

    Hows your internet connection to the nNA. I'm looking fora team too, but i live in America

    4 august 2018 03:40 1627

    Idk i have in the EU servers 15ping but in the NA servers i don't know.

    4 august 2018 16:39 1627

    I can be one

    4 august 2018 23:48 1627

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