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    WoT vs. War Thunder

    I've played both games and I'm not sure which one I like better. I really like playing artillery in World of Tanks. I also like how fast paced and easy to get into War Thunder seems to be. I don't have time to invest a lot of time in both games, so which one do you like better and why?

    1 july 2018 00:50 1

    War thunder gives you more war experience with being able to fight in aircrafts tanks and watercrafts while WOT just focuses more on the tank side.

    21 august 2018 22:09 1

    I've played both, but for another offer site long before I heard about this one. While both kind of fit the same kind of tower defense niche, World of Tanks might have more in common with Gaijin's other game, Crossout. Though, I find that Crossout is very easy for us basic plebs who just aren't into shooting-style games. War Thunder has a different dynamic by adding in aerial assault. You can choose between plane or tank, and take out both. I suppose the perk there is you can choose which ever you prefer. I've known some guys who *loved* games like X-Wing, and others who just really love tanks, and might have a problem. :^)

    If hard drive space isn't an issue, just keep both games, and rotate your time between the two. It's something I do when I sincerely enjoy a few, and feel like gaming based on mood. I may spend months grinding out levels on one game, reach a reasonable goal, then switch to bring another game up to speed.

    7 september 2018 07:54 1

    War thunder is better as a game but world of tanks is more fun in my opinion

    2 october 2018 13:38 1

    War Thunder is OK, but World Of Thanks is God

    9 october 2018 16:08 1

    I think war of thunder is better.

    8 january 2019 19:31 1

    war thunder!

    8 january 2019 22:18 1

    I only played war thunder but watched some gameplay of this game too. I personally prefer war thunder.

    9 january 2019 14:06 1

    I prefer world of tanks. Just my personal opinion.

    9 january 2019 14:56 1

    I think war thunder is better

    9 january 2019 19:05 1

    Nice bro

    15 january 2019 17:04 1

    good job i rly like it

    9 february 2019 12:34 1

    I think WoT is more balanced and it's gameplay is more agresive, fast. I really like that WoT has RNG and it makes game more realistic, you never know how accuret you'll shoot and with that you can get really nice trick shots :)

    24 february 2019 20:41 1

    WoT is better in the tank category but war thunder is better in variety. I suggest you play both.

    5 march 2019 20:22 1

    it's up to you

    19 march 2019 13:36 1

    good job !

    24 march 2019 09:17 1

    i prefer world of tanks

    26 march 2019 00:04 1

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