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    World of Tanks

    (4.28/5) 1156 rates

    WoT vs. War Thunder

    I've played both games and I'm not sure which one I like better. I really like playing artillery in World of Tanks. I also like how fast paced and easy to get into War Thunder seems to be. I don't have time to invest a lot of time in both games, so which one do you like better and why?

    1 july 2018 00:50 1

    War thunder gives you more war experience with being able to fight in aircrafts tanks and watercrafts while WOT just focuses more on the tank side.

    21 august 2018 22:09 1

    I've played both, but for another offer site long before I heard about this one. While both kind of fit the same kind of tower defense niche, World of Tanks might have more in common with Gaijin's other game, Crossout. Though, I find that Crossout is very easy for us basic plebs who just aren't into shooting-style games. War Thunder has a different dynamic by adding in aerial assault. You can choose between plane or tank, and take out both. I suppose the perk there is you can choose which ever you prefer. I've known some guys who *loved* games like X-Wing, and others who just really love tanks, and might have a problem. :^)

    If hard drive space isn't an issue, just keep both games, and rotate your time between the two. It's something I do when I sincerely enjoy a few, and feel like gaming based on mood. I may spend months grinding out levels on one game, reach a reasonable goal, then switch to bring another game up to speed.

    7 september 2018 07:54 1

    I only played war thunder but watched some gameplay of this game too. I personally prefer war thunder.

    9 january 2019 14:06 1

    i think world of tank better then war thunder

    3 july 2019 02:49 1

    War Thunder have better graphics and physics and planes, tanks and ships, while all these things the world of tanks has as the world of warplanes and the world of warships but of all that, both are great and would recommend them to everyone, but who does not have a Nvidia graphics card then let the World of Tanks play.😁

    3 july 2019 10:10 1

    there is a lots of reason on both sides which is better but in my opinion if you want a better simulator that is War T. but if you want a better action game that's definitly WoT

    6 july 2019 01:57 1

    i think WoT is more better than War Thunder

    7 july 2019 14:49 1

    war thunder is in my opinion better because it has tanks, planes and ships. It is also more realistic than wot and has real vehicles that were built and saw service.

    8 july 2019 13:56 1

    war thunder not so good, WOT great!

    8 july 2019 16:40 1

    World of Tanks is the best game after Morrowind!

    9 july 2019 14:20 1

    I honestly love this game over war thunder... nonetheless, they are both very good games.

    10 july 2019 04:57 1

    Played both i personally like warthunder more but WOT mobile version is pretty cool even when it was released

    11 july 2019 21:44 1

    I would recommend war thunder personally only because the servers are easier for me to connect to.

    11 july 2019 22:12 1

    Played both but WOT is better.

    12 july 2019 00:16 1

    nao gostei muito de wot mais sao 2 jogos nota 10

    24 july 2019 11:17 1

    WT is better because all types of battlefields like Air, Water and land is in the game.

    24 july 2019 11:39 1

    war thunder for me

    24 july 2019 11:43 1

    WOT has only to do with tanks while war thunder has to do with more stuff.

    24 july 2019 11:44 1

    War thunder is better.

    24 july 2019 13:12 1

    World of Tanks more competitive.

    24 july 2019 17:52 1

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