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    Question about the Tiwaz Rune

    Does this rune take effect only if you use it before taking on the offer? For example I've started a game offer for 2335 soul gems and it's been 10 days now and I'm close to completing it, if I activate my tiwaz rune now will it work? or does it have to be activated when you take the offer?

    30 june 2018 12:09 1628

    I've never tried it, but imo you have to have the rune activated in the moment of finishing the quest

    30 june 2018 12:35 1628

    But as I said- never tried it..

    30 june 2018 12:36 1628

    you would probably need to activate just before the offer is completed, I am not sure tho

    30 june 2018 13:04 1628

    I've had a bad experience with support in the past with them not responding when I need help with my account, so I doubt they'd help me on this one.

    30 june 2018 17:06 1628

    Ok guye so, I've consumed the rune right before completing the offer and it worked.

    30 june 2018 17:19 1628

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