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    Star Trek Online

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    Is this a good game ??

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    28 june 2018 23:22 2203

    one of the worst games ever.

    29 june 2018 14:28 2203

    Its good game but now for everyone

    5 july 2018 20:30 2203

    Out of many games that are based off of an existing theme/concept, this is one of the best. It's very much true to the feel and concept of Star Trek. It is however, definitely not for everyone.

    1 august 2018 19:30 2203

    sto is probably the best f2p game out there. ive been playing it for many years now, if you put in the time, there is nothing you cant achieve or aquire.

    10 august 2018 00:25 2203

    I must admid that i grinded this game in the beginning, getting a bigger ship and then i lost interest. If you are a fan this is one of the better games available unfortunatly.

    12 august 2018 16:49 2203

    I was suprised how good this game actually is and if you are Star Trek fan this one is for you! the game is just amazing if you ask me.. 10/10

    2 september 2018 22:18 2203

    I have always hated star trek. I still would not watch any shows or movies. But this game got me hooked im quite addicted to it. So it depends on if its up your alley. It may be a good game to some and not so much to others only you can decide if you like it.

    I will say its a little bit slow imho questing, However the space battles are A LOT of fun.
    And though the combat is by far different the graphics and such remind me of Star wars knights of the old republic and I loved that game so much.

    I personally say Star Trek is a good game. The animations are hilarious. Theres a lot of content. The ship battles are fun and if you can get a hang of it very easy. I do prefer the bad side to the good in most video games this one is no exception. Bad guys are always the fun ones.

    Anyways I'd recommend atleast giving it a try. I'd say its a 9/10

    14 september 2018 07:27 2203

    It's a very nice game. I am playing it now for more than 5 years. Only thing that I don't like about it is grinding for resources and new ships...

    15 september 2018 00:13 2203

    its a grind game

    15 september 2018 04:19 2203

    yep that is true

    21 september 2018 13:08 2203

    **** no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25 september 2018 08:17 2203

    Depends on if you're into the Star Trek universe, if you like MMOs (especially sci-fi MMOs as opposed to fantasy), how much you like the story, etc. I'd say it's relatively enjoyable. I'm not far enough into it to where I could play with friends, but I imagine that would make it a lot more engaging, too!

    5 october 2018 09:51 2203

    Lol good game

    17 october 2018 06:55 2203

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