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    War Thunder

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    For 4 tasks

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    Task 3 constantly gets rejected

    hello, for some reason my third task for WT keeps getting rejected even though i have 20 wins and 240 golden eagles, why and how to fx this?

    19 august 2020 00:13 11

    Greetings! Please, could you write also the reason of rejection showing you in the notifications? With having it marked, players could help you with with your issue even more :)

    Also, have you asked Misty about it? The support is quite helpful there, just describe the problem in details and mention \ reply to their tips and corrections, too.

    19 august 2020 01:01 11

    @NikolaJanev, you can order some Golden Eagles here in Gamehag.
    Just don't hesitate to look for them on the Rewards section ;)

    20 august 2020 21:37 11

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