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    how to get gamehag codes

    i was anable to find them any where

    14 august 2020 08:48 1628

    actualmente no han puesto codigos solo cofres

    14 august 2020 10:12 1628

    Hmmmm that so weird

    14 august 2020 10:15 1628


    14 august 2020 10:19 1628

    how to get codes

    14 august 2020 11:41 1628

    I do not know the answer to this question; i think the system for codes is depleted because when i got my last reward for review on trust pilot i did not get a code but was sent auto 100 sgs but previously i would get a code of 100 sgs. These codes are nowhere to be found on forums section any more and people do not talk about it regarding being on discord server too. I am not in discord server of gamehag so i donot know.

    14 august 2020 12:55 1628

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