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    A task for Crossout has been rejected.. Make sure you did everything right, and upload a new screenshot

    **** this ****

    12 august 2020 21:27 2176

    yea same thing happend to me... how do u even see where u won a certain amount of games besides the achievment?

    13 august 2020 20:53 2176

    I am Having Problems as well... I used the first picture i uploaded that showed i did the task correctly, then when i post the same picture another time with a similar task, they reject it! Why gamehag, whhyyyyy..

    14 august 2020 08:13 2176

    Same here. I did everything ok

    15 august 2020 11:43 2176

    im having problems they keep rejecting

    15 august 2020 12:31 2176

    I have just had gems removed after raising a ticket for task 3 not being accepted. The reason given was that someone accepted the previous tasks after I raised a ticket before but they couldn't track the account. Be careful raising tickets for this or you might lose gems. I have tried everything that was suggested to get this to work but its obviously broken.

    15 august 2020 19:25 2176

    Same for me to. I win 15 battles in raid and 40-50 other battles... They told me the same thing and I upload the picture again so we will see...If anyone has any clever and wise answer I would like to share it with us ... :(

    16 august 2020 19:52 2176

    Same here.. like 3 or 4 times rejected..

    16 august 2020 19:58 2176

    I finally managed to get this working after 5 attempts. For me I had to use the Edge browser instead of chrome to register for some reason. I also copied and pasted the link from the verification email to the same page as the signup email rather than clicking the link. Hope this helps some of you.

    22 august 2020 00:47 2176

    when i add picture . it says reload the page and try again

    22 august 2020 08:55 2176

    If you had to reload the page then the picture is certainly too large. The same thing happened to me, when i reduced the image it was accepted but the resolution was horrible. I will try tomorrow when they reject me AGAIN :) log in via Edge browser instead of chrome. So I read above in the comment so I will try it next time and let you know how it went ...

    22 august 2020 20:22 2176

    Any updates on this? I just keep getting rejected..

    22 august 2020 22:19 2176

    While in garage go to your profile (by clicking your name on top right) and choose the "medals" tab.
    There on the left hand navigation you can choose "Missions" and there you can see the medal "Winner" which shows your progress towards X amount of wins. This is what I took a screenshot of (the whole screen) and all of the tasks have been approved as I continued to progress.

    26 august 2020 08:03 2176

    I have done the same but I got rejected

    27 august 2020 07:02 2176

    i legit did everythin, i send a screenshot of my wins in medals>missions 15/100 wins
    i got rejected for like 5 times already i dont know what the fudge is their problem someone explain

    27 august 2020 14:16 2176

    I just hate how long it takes them to respond and then they always reject anyways!

    27 august 2020 20:28 2176

    Same, but mine said I didn't complete the task meanwhile I did actually win 15 games.. Scam maybe?

    27 august 2020 21:34 2176

    Same problem as you guys, I’m getting rejetced but I don’t know the reason why. I have won 25 matches.

    27 august 2020 23:30 2176

    ok ty hope it works

    28 august 2020 23:25 2176

    How do I take a screen shot for crossover wins task? need guidance

    30 august 2020 02:51 2176

    I took a screenshot of the medals page and they rejected it.. what page do i screenshot??

    30 august 2020 07:46 2176

    I sent like 2-3 screenshots i think i'm pending the 3rd and it keeps rejecting...

    30 august 2020 09:42 2176

    Guys (and maybe girls), problem solved, you have to create a new Gangjin account for Crossout, Star Conflict and War Thunder, by clicking the "PLAY FOR FREE" button next to the tasks, and you have to confirm the e-mail. I did this way and the 1st screenshot got accepted. So Steam version of the games is not good, and you have to register thought Gamehag, not the game's official site.

    30 august 2020 10:15 2176

    I am for that and also that, thanks

    31 august 2020 01:24 2176

    Crossout!!!,how to fix it?/
    -Register trought Gamehag
    -Windowed Mode
    -One Gamehag account only

    31 august 2020 18:40 2176

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