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    GameHag being Greedy again...

    I am quite disappointed/upset by what Gamehag did. They removed the summer chest from my inventory without any specific reasons! This has been the last chest and I am looking forward to getting 1000 of gems or maybe more! However, when I checked on Gamehag today, this chest was gone before I can even claim it! If this is a bug and you still have this chest with you, please leave your comments below so that I will not wrongly accuse Gamehag of this. :)

    11 august 2020 15:27 1628

    The due date was 8/10/2020 It was programed to "disappear" on that date. It's not some glitch, you didn't make it in time

    11 august 2020 15:51 1628

    yeah it hade a time limit.

    11 august 2020 15:55 1628

    sorry for you that you could not claim it by then😟

    11 august 2020 15:57 1628

    Sadly, I was about to. :( Locking thread. 🔒

    11 august 2020 16:08 1628

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