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    A Great Game!

    War Face has characteristics of Rainbow Six Siege and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it mixes the two to create an amazing game. The best thing is that it is FREE!

    24 june 2018 15:47 2188

    F2P, but Pay to win. There are level locked weapons (Better guns unlocked at later levels), and 90% of the weapons you get are RENTED for a period of time. Then you have to pay to prolong the rent period. You also have to pay to REPAIR YOUR EQUIPMENT. The biggest turn off for me is that you can pay to get better armour (better armor=more shots you can take). Gunplay is determined by how much money you put in the game . Also there are 4 classes and each class has a type of weapon it can only use, for example a medic can only use shotguns.

    24 june 2018 15:49 2188

    I have struggled for a while now with whether or not I can positively recommend this game, but after over 900 hours I have decided that enough of that time was fun enough to encourage others to try this game.

    24 june 2018 15:49 2188

    The graphics, gameplay and controls are all fantastic, developer Crytek continues to excel in the core mechanics of first person shooters. It is amazing for such a well made game to be free.

    24 june 2018 15:50 2188

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