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    Undertale: A Game of Choices

    I am Phillipvm, better known as Paracelsvs.  Today I am here to tell you about this unique game called Undertale.  I first played Undertale about 5 years ago when it was brand new and rapidly took the internet by storm.  There was a good reason that social media and forums were saturated with Undertale content for months on end, and that is because Undertale is a very good game.  Allow me to attempt to tell you why Undertale was a phenomenal hit and the unique features that set it apart from other indie titles.

    Your adventure will be shaped by your choices:

    Right from the start you will begin to notice that this is the sort of game you have to pay close attention to.  Difficult decisions are abound as you wake up in a strange goat woman's house who claims to be your mom, but you know that she must be some kind of stand in because clearly you are a human.  She was nice enough to rescue you from the sinister dandelion that almost killed you earlier, however it's unsettling and I wouldn't want to hang around her place too long wasting time.

    Every choice you make will change the course of the game.  There are even choices that cannot ever be undone even in a future new game attempt without uninstalling and reinstalling the game.  Will you be an 8 year old unhinged monster slaying bad dude, or will you mercifully navigate the underground at a disadvantage?

    Fast paced arcade combat:

    Undertale is a turnbased RPG that vaguely resembles Nintendo's Earthboud series at first glance.  When under attack by an enemy however, instead of taking a carefully calculated sum of damage you will encounter a challenging maze of moving projectiles all of which are homed straight for your little heart.  Once your heart gets hit that's it, you're wounded and your HP will drop by a rather substantial percentage.  When you attack if you time your strike just right you'll get a critical strike that deals the maximum amount of damage to your adversary, but if you're a just a second off you're missing out on some serious points that will save you time and trouble ending the fight much quicker.  Be warned however, because when you take the life of a monster it will change your personality at the core.  These aren't your standard Slimes and Goblins, these are well intentioned denizens of the underdark who have private lives and insecurities in a tight knit society.  


    Cute Minimal Graphics / Memorable characters:

    As you progress through Undertale you will encounter iconic characters, some of whom will help you, but most will want to fight you.  Any character you defeat in battle will be killed permanently until a new game is started.  Conceivably you can kill every single monster in the game, and that will lead you to the most challenging final boss encounter in the game.  You could also try to hear out some of these monsters and befriend them, even though they are different and inhuman.  This will lead to an entirely different ending with a whole different final boss.  You'll never pass the starting LV and you will be feeble with hardly any HP, however you will have greater satisfaction having made awesome new friends along the way.


    Undertale is a charming RPG title with a minimalist presentation.  The cutesy character designs mislead into dark themes that pervade throughout the story.  The game itself is alive with originality and hidden easter egg content.  Horror fans and people who love Super Nintendo RPG games cannot afford to miss out on Undertale.  Because of the amount of variety that may occur from playthrough to playthrough Undertale boasts tremendous replay value, at least three times will be necessary in order to view the main endings to the story and understand the bigger picture.  That's what Undertale is all about is making choices, following through no matter what, and getting the bigger picture in the process.

    7 august 2020 10:24 1625

    Anyone else named their character Chara?

    19 august 2020 01:15 1625

    Amazing game!

    19 august 2020 12:10 1625

    wish to see gaster but always crashed. But is a great game i stll continue playing it

    19 august 2020 20:43 1625

    This is a very interesting game

    19 august 2020 22:37 1625

    Best game

    19 august 2020 22:57 1625

    the best game i ever seen in my entire life

    20 august 2020 07:23 1625

    amazing game

    20 august 2020 11:53 1625

    Do your choice!

    20 august 2020 12:01 1625

    i like this game

    20 august 2020 22:24 1625

    There's also a secret ending if you name your character "Frisk"

    21 august 2020 00:18 1625

    nice article

    21 august 2020 23:12 1625

    secret ending sound pretty cool

    21 august 2020 23:16 1625

    Honestly, Undertale has a special place in my heart, and its sequel Deltarune(chapter 1) was even better in terms of Drama, but somehow, a little bit less believable

    22 august 2020 05:54 1625

    Undertale is a masterpiece and I can't wait for when Deltarune Chapter 2 launches

    7 october 2020 20:34 1625

    but you know that she must be some kind

    8 october 2020 07:56 1625

    this is really nice game!

    8 october 2020 10:19 1625

    Im never understand why people like this game.

    25 october 2020 14:44 1625

    this game is ez i already done all the ending

    6 november 2020 02:47 1625

    good game already whislisted it

    6 november 2020 16:51 1625

    Yeah the game is very interesting and I agree with you

    10 november 2020 00:13 1625

    good job man, keep going

    10 november 2020 00:44 1625

    this game became cringy to me so i am getting away from it

    10 november 2020 12:03 1625

    I was such a big fanboy of this game 4 years ago

    10 november 2020 19:09 1625

    might have to give it a go

    10 november 2020 20:31 1625

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