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    Adding additional buttons for more convenient scrolling through comments.

    I assume that such topic has already been raised in one way or another, but I cannot quickly find it through the search, so forgive me for repeating if that.

    There is a certain bug that occurs when switching from page to page when the user reads comments - I mean if there are more than 10-15 pages of comments in a thread. I will not describe the essence of the bug in details, since I am sure that it has been known for a long time. I'm just suggesting that two additional navigation buttons would be added. In particular, a button that would allow you to go back to the page and a link that would allow you to go directly to the end of the list of comments.

    The presence of such buttons would give additional convenience when reading comments (and detecting spam, too), as well as it would help the user to avoid a bug with crashing and linking to the general forum menu after switching comment pages (for example, switching from 13 to 15, or from 27 to 26 , etc.). It would also possibly make the navigation system itself look more harmonious, with all the main "steps" of navigation presented.

    Thank you very much for your work and have a pleasant day!

    5 august 2020 12:48 8369

    I assume what you are asking for is unlimited scrolling, similar to how Reddit does it.
    Anyways, thanks for your suggestion and has been sent to the team for consideration!
    Locking thread. 🔒

    9 august 2020 18:06 8369

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