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    A bug involving friend list

    I believe I might be experiencing a bug with the friend list. It would appear that whenever I invite other user to my friend list and he accepts, he doesn't appear on the friend list, which effectively makes communication with him an impossibility.

    Strangely enough, anyone who invites me to his friend list would still appear to show on the friend list properly. Though I'm not entirely certain.

    5 august 2020 07:53 8369

    También presento el mismo problema, no sé si será un error, esto ocurre con más frecuencia con usuarios que tienen un nombre que comienza con la primera letra I o M

    5 august 2020 17:24 8369

    @JacksonBillie That's the problem. The name's don't show even if I try searching them with the filter. Also, I appreciate if you could write your responses in English.

    5 august 2020 20:41 8369

    Thanks for brining it up and the issue has been sent to the Gamehag team.
    Locking thread. 🔒

    9 august 2020 17:55 8369

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