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    Steam Wallet card taking so long to arrive!!

    I am annoyed by the time taken for the 10 EURO ($11.40 in my country) steam card to come! It hasn't arrived after 3 days! (Even now) When I have bought the reward, GameHag promised that I will receive within 24h (fast delivery). Any ideas why it has been taking so long? Have any of you encounter the same problem? 🤔

    3 august 2020 08:28 1628

    well, I try contacting Misty if you haven't already as a starter; I've never had a reward take more than 2days myself but I do tend to shoot quick messages to Misty over rewards and tasks if its been over 36 hours on them. Misty isnt always the most helpful but considering its a 'fast delivery' I think its quite valid to talk to Misty about

    3 august 2020 08:46 1628

    @owouser I understand and have contacted support. I am just wondering if any of the users in Gamehag is facing the same problem. Thank you for your helpful information too.

    3 august 2020 09:08 1628


    3 august 2020 09:14 1628

    Yeah, maybe i don't know because i did't bought it

    3 august 2020 10:30 1628

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