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    I really think it's a waste bc is only 250.

    1 august 2020 21:26 1628

    its just another option to make SG and if theres no tasks you can do its a good permanent way to make a few SG; I know the reward for marking an article used to be higher and I do think that 250SG is a bit low depending on the article quality

    1 august 2020 21:31 1628

    It is ver depressing.. actually.

    1 august 2020 21:32 1628

    Well, at least that's something if you can write something good...
    I can't put together more than a couple of sentences anyway.

    3 august 2020 07:46 1628

    It used to be 1000 SGs if you article was good enough, 250 SGs if it wasn't. Now they decided after The Frog Update to limit it only to 250 SGs regardless of the quality of the articles. It seems they think it's a good idea to limit the earning of SGs and higher the spendings of it, what kind of logic is that?

    5 august 2020 00:13 1628


    5 august 2020 00:52 1628

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