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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    p250 or five seven

    should you buy five seven or p250 on eco in csgo

    30 july 2020 18:56 808

    depands how much money do you have, but five Seven Is probably better. you can replace it with cz 75 auto and try to kill someone and take his gun

    31 july 2020 21:53 808

    Five seven is better .Even with random fire you can get headshots

    31 july 2020 21:58 808

    For me five seven is better. You can easily kill someone wirh it.

    31 july 2020 22:57 808

    5-7 is better since it can 1 shot to the head at longer distances but it really depends on you if you prefer having utilly you take p250 with smoke but if you have good aim take the five seven.

    6 august 2020 02:46 808

    I love Five Seven

    6 august 2020 03:58 808

    For T side, it is most favorable to use the P250 because the weapon costs only $300 and it is one of the most versatile pistols ever as it can be quite accurate even when you're moving or jumping (but the target should at least be in 300 units near you), overall the P250 is the ideal pistol for Eco on Terrorist side but be aware of its ammo capacity as it can run out quite fast if you're just spamming the gun for no reason, then I suggest you to aim at their heads and go for a quick 2-3 shots otherwise you're better off using the Tec-9 if you suck at aiming.

    For the CT side, it is most favorable to use the FiveSeveN or the starting CT pistols because there is no reason for CT's to buy P250, as a P2000 or a USP-S can do the same thing that the P250 can, so if you're very tight on cash then I suggest you to not buy anything and go eco with you're starting pistol as it's basically a P250 but with less fire rate but if you can spend a few $500 then I suggest you to either invest in a

    (The FiveSeveN is great for holding close angles as it can 1 shot a person with helmet in the head so when you use this gun i suggest you to hold an angle where you will be able to hit the enemy in the head, also don't spam with this guns as it's been nerfed so it cannot be sprayed as much as often so i recommend that you aim at the head of your enemies)

    or a

    (The CZ75 is a pistol which can almost guarantee you 1 kill about 80% of the times if you are close to them as this pistol is automatic, it is almost the perfect pistol against T's with rifles because you're only using this pistol to get a better gun or a rifle and due to this, The CZ75 does that job the best, but beware of its ammo capacity as it only has 24 bullets, so use them wisely)

    6 august 2020 18:07 808

    5-7 is much better

    7 august 2020 15:04 808

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