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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 12943 rates

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    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    task 1 rejected, "make sure you did everything right"

    my screenshot shows my stats. it has the same name as i do on here. shows i have 5 victories. took a full 24 hours to check my submission. rejected, and the reason was solely "Make sure you did everything right, and upload a new screenshot."

    of course, i didn't realize this wasn't just a non-reason, this is an official response- says so in their "ticket form." i didn't check that before though, i just resubmitted the same screenshot. will i get some kind of penalty for resubmitting? since you can't redact a screenshot (great feature.)

    better question: does this site have ANY kind of support at all at this point? you know, one where you can actually TALK to someone not and be directed to a "ticket" feature which is just a series of branching, automated questions? if you try emailing them it tells you to use this feature where their support team will take care of your case. there's nothing like that as far as i can tell though!

    30 july 2020 04:23 11

    There is. You go to "Contact Us" -> Create a ticket -> I have a problem with the platform -> Technical problems -> Other. This will let you contact someone you can talk to.

    30 july 2020 16:41 11

    its fun i'am enjoying playing it so keep it up the hard work for the game leave a like on the game guys its really fun i hope they made more fun games like this

    31 july 2020 05:14 11


    31 july 2020 05:14 11

    How do u win on the first task?

    31 july 2020 05:52 11

    Pls someone help me i did the screenshot but it kept getting rejected :(

    31 july 2020 05:52 11

    this one keeps getting rejected

    31 july 2020 10:34 11

    ye same my finished task is getting REJECTED FOR SOME REASON

    11 august 2020 02:02 11

    my task gets rejected saying i never made a new account... smh and it takes forever just to get a win

    13 august 2020 05:18 11

    gamehag is very sensitive with account creation. you need to have your adblocker disabled and whatever else might interfere with validating it. you should ask support, but they recommended i use Microsoft Edge when registering accounts to avoid any interference.

    i also contact the support from the companies (in this case, gaijin) before doing any tasks to confirm if my account was created properly, but gamehag might be able to confirm that on their end if you ask.

    13 august 2020 05:23 11

    yea game hag employees are generally 'Quite uhh well i dont care' in my experience and i would not be surprised if they just go Decline decline decline... because every one of my Requests is declined no matter what

    14 august 2020 11:35 11

    i am kid hahahah lats play gogle dino no internet iam kid

    14 august 2020 15:19 11

    Use a different email and create a new account

    15 august 2020 23:47 11

    its super buggy. i suggest ask support for help

    16 august 2020 02:33 11

    ye i hate when it happens and it sucks

    16 august 2020 12:06 11

    Disable the adblock then create a new account through the link :P

    17 august 2020 02:40 11

    I'm sorry but I have the same problem with the Warships game. But I guess you can create a ticket about your issue.

    17 august 2020 21:39 11

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