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    GameTame - A new way to earn Cards

    I found this site where you can earn Ez points and exchange them for Card packs/Ingame items and other things. its awesome I got my first 8 points in half hr and exchanged it for a Dota 2 item just to check it out ,and its legit !! Here is my Ref Link - https://gametame.com/?join=1801569 Please use it !!! Or just remove the Ref number to join without giving me few points ;( (Please dont do that, it will make me really sad ) Thank you !!

    16 june 2018 02:07 1628

    That site is same as this site , but tbh this site is a lot better. #GameHagForLife

    16 june 2018 15:03 1628

    Interesting site, but I like this one more.

    16 june 2018 17:03 1628

    I have been using GameTame for about 1 year. Both Gamehag and Gametame are good sites for me.

    16 june 2018 17:45 1628

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