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    Is this game good?

    My friends play it. Should I too?

    14 june 2018 21:08 2830

    So good bro

    14 june 2018 23:31 2830

    its a nice game

    15 june 2018 14:15 2830

    Yes, it's free so it won't cost you anything. Give it a try, play with your friends. If you don't like it, all you've lost is a couple of hours.

    16 june 2018 00:03 2830

    It's a great game, the most popular game in a long time and for a reason, there are so many fun tactics to do with your friends or you could play really seriously to try and get better so ye i would recommend it

    16 june 2018 01:52 2830

    Its a good game

    16 june 2018 03:22 2830

    it's a great game. you can play it with your friends and it rellly requires skill to win
    i have like 580 hours in this game it is becoming a problem.

    16 june 2018 08:09 2830

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