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    What is your luck with getting Mobile game Tasks completed?

    I don't know if I am the only one or not, but I have yet to ever get a task for any of the Mobile games accepted. No matter how many times I have registered with the game, no matter how many times I start over, I always have my tasks rejected with the same "I seems like you haven't registered a new account" label. I've installed the games through Gamehag's own app, I've typed in the address link into my phone's browser, none of it seems to work. I am assuming the problem is on Gamehag's side with how the system records new account creation with games. How about all of you? Any of you actually get mobile game tasks accepted?

    28 july 2020 22:44 1628

    blood375 - It is the usual game tasks like for the PC games, just for the mobile ones. For example, State of Survival is up there now for 10165 gems, now there are two ways to go getting started. On a PC, click on Play for Free and it will ask if you're going with Android or iOS, this will then give you a link to enter in your phone's browser. Secondly, you can use the Gamehag app itself to redirect you to either the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store to install the game.

    Neither of these options seem to track anything properly and inform Gamehag that you are installing the game for the first time let alone installing it at all. Because of that, if you submit the task it will normally take 2-3 days just for you to be rejected in the end.

    What you're doing are the contracts which from what you said, might be a better avenue for me to explore.

    Thanks for your response!

    29 july 2020 00:22 1628

    i dont know if its any good, but considering its using fyber, you should be good to go

    29 july 2020 04:32 1628

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