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    Frog UPDATE

    This was last update at this moment at 16/7/2020 This update in simple turn u into frog after 7 days if u didnt do game task or contract and after 30 day u will have minus 50 gem/week a topic against this update saying thier point of view here https://gamehag.com/forum/t/365092-gamehag-unwanted-frog-update- in my point of view this update forcing all bad countries like finland or small one to leave gamehag and not use it its aiming for good country and who pay money in games to do tasks And in this update set all users what ever thier level in made situnion its not fair i am lvl 28 user and soon will max out yet i still get same as normal man And about VIP function why cant we buy it by gems ? we can buy vip card then buy vip but why not make shortcut for us its easier and same say ur point of view down here and in topic link to let all know ur feelinga nd ur point of view of this update

    17 july 2020 20:47 4057

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