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    The frog thing

    so I logged onto gamehag today and, behold, I will turn into a frog in 6 days unless I do tasks. Most of the tasks I attempt to do get rejected AND we have LIVES. This is forcing people to stay on your site and I don't like it. Seriously, it's gonna hurt this site badly.

    15 july 2020 19:56 1628

    if you even complete tasks, it will still say you will become a frog. i still don't understand.

    15 july 2020 20:01 1628

    SAME I DONE a contract it still there it said like "i thinking a bout you become a frog "

    15 july 2020 20:08 1628

    I completed a task 20 minutes ago and the system keeps threatening to me to become a frog 😪

    17 july 2020 00:01 1628

    rip gamehag unless u live in the US,this sucks

    17 july 2020 01:46 1628

    Losing gems like that will make many users leave and they won't come back even if that gets reverted some time later.

    17 july 2020 16:29 1628

    What a huge insult to the community. I recommend everyone to leave this site if they do not remove the thing because we shouldn't support such of a disgrace thrown at us from this darn site.

    17 july 2020 17:33 1628

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