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    A Suggestion for Gamehag

    I think Gamehag should do a daily task for this game and other popular games, so it can make us get more soul gems and enlarge the community of Gamehag. Not only Fortnite, but CS : GO, PUBG, or any other games even mobile can be good too. The Tasks should be like 10 kills in a match and get 100 SG or something else. So there is actually tasks on this site that can be refreshed in 24 H. This COULD make the community larger and make us get some more selections for soul gems Apologies for my stupid English.. I suck at games.

    28 may 2018 06:41 2830

    If there already was a daily task, then I'm sorry and i want you to ignore this thread because i dont have the task on my country.

    28 may 2018 06:44 2830

    i think that making daily tasks would be great, but it would be too easy for many to win coins :(

    28 may 2018 14:56 2830

    yeah that would be great

    3 march 2019 11:14 2830

    very good suggestion.

    13 march 2019 05:25 2830

    Yes. Agree with you.

    13 march 2019 06:14 2830

    It sounds good.

    13 march 2019 06:20 2830

    Just joined today and its good so far

    13 march 2019 21:55 2830

    Agree but that will cost them a lot of money

    15 march 2019 16:47 2830

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