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    previous thread was removed but ppl should be aware of this

    I have a pop-up front facing camera. Opening the gamehag website opens the pop-up camera, even when you didn't give permission.

    8 july 2020 19:41 1628

    You can delete this thread every time but I'm going to keep posting it. It's a privacy violation.

    8 july 2020 19:42 1628

    NikolaJanev, it's not spam, I literally had a bunch of replies in notifications that aren't visible here. And I don't have a device to film my phone with, it's my only camera (not even a webcam). BUT every time I log into GH from mobile, the selfie camera pops out. It literally never does that unless I prompt an app to take a selfie, so it's not a coincidence.

    11 july 2020 22:28 1628

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