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    The purpose of a five-star rating for articles and (or) an additional sorting option for them

    I'd like to ask, if there is any special sense of being able to rate articles? I do not mean the option of voting the articles before publishing them, I speak about those which users can read and choose ratings for them (1-5 stars).

    For example, does this rating give any bonuses for authors?
    If so, that’s great. If not, is there any possibility that some kind of bonus will be introduced for authors of articles who are still on the GameHag? For example, a tiny addition to authors' experience or to SG amount depending on the rating.

    It would also be nice if this rating itself could become an additional option for sorting articles.
    I mean in this section: http://prntscr.com/tdikvr
    Then users would be able to search not only old or new articles, but also the most or least popular ones.

    7 july 2020 18:08 8369

    For the record, the is no additional bonuses given to authors based on the star rating.
    However, the possibility of XP and SG to be rewarded to highly rated articles has already been suggested in the past.

    Refer to this thread here:


    Still, thanks for your suggestion though! Locking thread. 🔒

    10 july 2020 08:28 8369

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