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    What is steam gift card

    Will anyone tell me how to activate gift card of steam from gamehag

    5 july 2020 19:53 1628

    Türklere selam puan kasarak robuc almak istiyorum ve bunu yapıcam go brr !!!!!!

    5 july 2020 19:54 1628

    what you saying man plz in english bro

    5 july 2020 19:55 1628

    Steam gift card = Steam funds
    You get a code and then you activate it on your steam account and add funds
    You can use these funds to buy games
    I would recommened you getting steam gift cards instead of other rewards since rewards can be mor expensive then their actual price here
    Use your steam funds especially on occasions like steam summer sale

    7 july 2020 17:24 1628

    Steam wallet codes= Money on steam. You can use the money for games or ig items like csgo skins. Almost all the cheap ones are out of stock though.

    7 july 2020 21:24 1628

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