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    War Thunder

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    For 4 tasks

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    Can someone give me key for 150 gold lions to complete next task?

    I didnt knew you need lions for the next task so I spent them allready and I dont have any other task to do rn can someone who doesnt need the key for gold lions to give it to me in a dm? thanks

    5 july 2020 18:19 11

    Just complete the tutorials :D. Good luck

    5 july 2020 19:06 11

    they dont give gold lions only silver

    5 july 2020 19:06 11

    hi mate, if the golden eagles you spent were the ones you earned for completing the different tutorials, there is nothing left to do, you will have to spend around 1000 soul gem to buy them and thus be able to complete the task, regards.

    6 july 2020 14:06 11

    Buy the 150 gold eagles pack for 200 gems, I think that is what you are supposedto do anyways.

    6 july 2020 22:58 11

    thats what I am asking. If there is someone who doesnt need their golden lions i would be glad to have them

    7 july 2020 11:30 11

    I don't knew cause I am new in this gamehag

    14 july 2020 16:51 11

    koupit je zde v obchodě s hrami

    18 july 2020 10:55 11

    i write for xp

    18 july 2020 11:40 11

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