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    Pinging Friends

    Hey, most of us have many friends in our friend lists and when they become online, they appear on the edge of the site with green lights, but the bad thing is the friend box is so small that we can not see many of them and we have to search. My suggestion is to add an ability to pin some favorite friends that we want to see in most of the time.

    For example, if a user has +300 friends, every time he checks the site, he sees many of them online. Maybe by pining some of them at the top of the list, it will become easier to know about the state of them and to open a quick message box to them.

    1 july 2020 18:22 8369

    Thank you for your suggestion! It has been sent to the Gamehag Team for review.

    If you've got nothing else to add please remember to lock the thread. 🔒
    Else, we'll do so after 48 hours with no response.

    4 july 2020 04:31 8369

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