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    When a task is so impossible...

    There was a task called "soulcalibur" it was impossible and i pointed it out to the staff, one thing was level 80 took a week to get. but the 2nd part of the 3 step task, was to get 120. and after nearly 3 months they removed the offer.. and i've been playing each day up to 18 hrs in avage daily. (afk included) and got 107.. <_< now its not even possible to get the reward once i hit 120.. What i'm trying to say with this post is, that the staff, should be better to listen to feed back from their users, i mean we're all in the same boat here, we want to gain rewards, and they want to make their earnings. which im sure they get, as else it wouldnt be a thing worth doing. Also new tasks, and things to earn gems would be nice, as if you're active like me, you'll end up have no offers or tasks to do for months :(

    19 may 2018 12:28 1628

    You must look on the Gamehag as a TV/Radio channel when it comes to offers for SG. Developers of the games pay Gamehag for this and if they don't want to advertise their game on Gamehag anymore, the offer is simply taken down.

    19 may 2018 14:03 1628

    But yea, Gamehag should write under the offer some timer of its ''expiration.''
    E.g. Gaijin wants to remove Crossout offer, so Gamehag would take it down in 2 weeks and let the community know about it.

    19 may 2018 14:05 1628

    well it would be nice, i mean, i've spend nearly 3 months just to hunt this one offer down, and the task alone is so impossible that half is enough within the time period

    19 may 2018 14:06 1628

    3 days ago i started Heavy Machines task , and was removed in the same day i did level 10 :) , try to do them as fast as you can .

    20 may 2018 17:30 1628

    its impossible to do it faster unless you spend a few hundred or maybe thousand of € on it xD

    20 may 2018 18:39 1628

    ArcheAge was removed too :o ***, I had lvl14 there and lvl15 was requirment. ****..

    20 may 2018 19:06 1628

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