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    Improvements on Friending system

    Hey, it will be so good if Gamehag improves Friending system by some features like these:

    + Add an ability to ask confirmation when we want to remove one of our friends. (To avoid pressing this button accidentally.)

    + Add an ability to see our sent friend requests. So, we can manage them better and if we want, we can remove some pending requests.

    + Add an ability to personalize our profile for our friends. Something like: Only our friends can see our friends lists or the chests & runes we have.

    I will be happy if users add more features to this list. :)

    28 june 2020 10:37 8369

    Thank you for these suggestions! They've all been sent to the Gamehag Team for approval.
    However just a note that you should try to keep 1 suggestion to 1 thread instead of lumping them all into a single thread.

    In any case, if you have anything else to add please feel free to do so. If not I'll be locking this thread after 48 hours! 🔒

    28 june 2020 13:53 8369

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