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    FREE Hitman: Absolution in GOG

    This classic Hitman game is totally free in GOG store, just enter the giveaway and enjoy this great game, the gift will only be available for 65 hr.

    12 june 2020 21:54 1628

    Hello friend, it is real, since the GOG store has given several free games, you just have to enter the store and claim it without any problem, greetings.

    12 june 2020 21:58 1628

    It's not a scam. GOG is quite good, though new compared to steam. They are a subsidiary of CDPR, and aim to bring bavk the old games (They were originally called Good Old Games), and provide you an option to download games purchased there as DRM free setups.
    As for the giveways, thier site is under heavy load and lot working properly. It took me a good 25+ tries to claim it.

    13 june 2020 07:56 1628

    Thank, I'll remember to check it out.

    13 june 2020 09:31 1628

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